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Aston Pharmacy School who are currently reviewing and updating our pharmacy programmes and developing new programmes in healthcare for the 2019 and beyond.  We would really value input from patient and carer groups from the local area so that we can further develop the Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals of the future.  If someone from your organisation would be interested in being involved in the consultation?The consultation event will last around two hours on a date at the beginning of May.
If you would like to be involved please can you email k.hanaphy@aston.ac.uk.  T
he consultation event will take place on Wednesday 15th May from 12pm – 2pm.  The location will be MB415, Aston University, Aston Triangle, B4 7ET.  Refreshments will be provided.

Help, advice, support

The Pancreatitis Supporters’ Network provides medical information and support for sufferers of the condition called pancreatitis. On this site there is a database of medical information, advice for sufferers and carers, a discussion board and a pen pals network.  For more information, feel free to browse here.

Pancreatitis Supporters Network Email address: psn@pancreatitis.org.uk

Please, download the Information Pack and Booklet on your form of Pancreatitis FIRST before emailing as a lot of your questions will be answered there.  Otherwise you will be referred to them first.
Follow this link

Community Pancreatitis Support Forum – Currently Online
Discussion Board www.pancreatitis-forum.org.uk
Please Note that although we work closely with the forum admins they have no control over the PSN website
if you have any trouble logging into http://www.pancreatitis.org.uk please contact us via email psn@pancreatitis.org.uk
If you are having trouble with the forum you can contact the admins via email

Mental Health Articles   – This is a series of articles on mental health and if it helps just one of you out there it will be worthwhile.

New Development – InterX Therapy for Pancreatitis

 How is PIP Scored? – PIP scoring and check if eligible 


Counselling and support to its members who either have Pancreatitis or who are partners, spouses, friends, colleagues of someone with Pancreatitis. Initial telephone contact can be up to two hours and this is free to anyone.

The Association is established to advance the education of the public in all matters involving the medical condition known as Pancreatitis.

The Network was set up to educate both the public and the medical profession about the condition known as Pancreatitis. Also the importance of patients with Pancreatitis being treated by specialists in this field.

On October 20th 1993 the Network was recognized as an official Charity by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales with associated status and Charity Number 1027443.

Pancreatic Disorders and Therapy

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      • Thanks for that. I’ve had about 5 or 6 bouts of acute pancreatitis over the last 5 years. Went for endoscopy on wed and gave me a 5/9 score and wrote down its chronic pancreatitis possibly caused by pancreas divisum. (previously had a 3/9 score. Not alcohol or gallstone related). They did not say how I manage it, what happens next, life limiting? Nothing really. Just looking to find out how others are. How they manage, symptoms etc.



        • John Take a look at our Acute booklet which mentions Pancreatitis Divisum. This is where the two halves of the pancreas, which should swing round to make one whole organ in the womb, do not. Hence you end up with one side with a drain and another without. It is VITALLY important that you get yourself seen by a PANCREATITIS Specialist rather than a Gastroenterologist. I could recommend a few I know but may be out of your area. Again the Discussion Board can help with a name.

        • Hi John. Sorry to hear your bad news. I’ve been dealing with pancreatitis for years! Was told it was a one-off bout when I was nine, but it kept returning. I’m now 38 & not long found out its chronic and hereditary. Had it partially confirmed 4 years ago so plenty of experience if you want to chat.

  1. Becoming very scared as I feel I’m going to die with this cp as I am getting all sorts of problems now and I feel no one is letting me know whats going on.Had this for 20yrs now.Thanks

    • A) You are very unlikely to die from this UNLESS you have cancer of the pancreas. It really does NOT affect lifespan by any amount too be appreciable rather affects the quality of your life as no doubt found out by now. I have had this nearly 28 years and 61 and still here and met a lady in her 80’s who 30 years ago had her pancreas and gallbladder removed.

  2. Morning, Can anyone help me on this. I have had severe pancrititus now have cysts and still inflamed, Have been off work now from 1st Nov 2015 and still not fit to return. Has anyone had the same and can let me know their experience? Many thanks Gary

    • Gary

      Join the discussion group as you will find others in this situation easier. Pseudocysts tend to be reabsorbed by the pancreas and should not need draining unless they reach a dangerous size where they could possibly burst. You need to get to a Pancreatitis specialist and we all should be seeing one at least yearly to keep a running check on us all but like everything NHS cuts means we tend to miss out as not considered a ‘sexy’ organ to study according to our Patron. Have they moved you over to Incapacity Benefit yet? If so have you applied for Disability Living Allowance now called Personal Independence Payment? When filling this is there is a knack consult Citizens Advice for help and not a five minute form to fill in! Remember having to carry spare clothes instead of accidents and wet wipes to clean yourself etc. also get a RADAR key for access to all the Disabled led Toilets – at least they are large and clean and partner could come in and help if needed. Difficult at the best of times to get out. DO go on to the Discussion Board and join as well.

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