About PSN

About the Pancreatitis Supporters’ Network

The organisation began as a small, informal self-group after the founder, Jim Armour, discovered he was suffering from Pancreatitis. It has now grown into the only registered worldwide charitable organisation dealing specifically with sufferers of this condition.

Our perspective is that of the ordinary person rather than the qualified medic and we aim to provide ‘holistic’ support, when and where we can, as we recognise this impacts on the life of the individual and all of those around them.

Brief History of Network to Date:

The Network was set up in 1992 from initial information gained from the British Diabetic Association about people with Diabetes and Pancreatitis. I then contacted the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (who are a Society of Medical members only) to find out if they would have some input into the network and we liaised closely with Professor John Neoptolemos then Reader in Surgery, Birmingham University, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  He now practices at The Royal Free Hospital in Liverpool.  As a result of this work we have had produced three booklets, in coalition with Duphar, on: Acute Pancreatitis Chronic Pancreatits Cancer of the Pancreas all of which are available in the downloads section of our webpages as well as the underlined links.  Sadly, these booklets are now only available online.  We do, however, publish an Information Pack which gives answers to many common questions and can be downloaded in our Downloads section of the website.

On October 20th 1993 the Network was recognised as an official Charity by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales with associated status and Charity Number 1027443.

Activities Undertaken by Organisation:

Counselling and support to its members who either have Pancreatitis or who are partners, spouses, friends, colleagues of someone with Pancreatitis.

Newsletter sent out every 6 months on topics concerning Pancreatitis, informing members of what treatments are being researched etc.

Liaison with the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Assisted in the setting up of a similar organisation in South Carolina.

Liaising with Solvay Healthcare main manufacturer of enzymes for people with Pancreatitis. We now appear on every tub of Creon.

Purchase of small items of equipment for members unable to buy them for themselves.   Specifically Acticare Devices which have helped members come off morphine.  All we ask is that you join to qualify for one – presently £7.50pa.

Click one of these links for a General Recipe Book or here for a Christmas Recipe Book

write to us… join the network…

Membership form available as part of the Information Pack downloadInformation Pack Last Updated 10/02/2014

Membership is £7.50 sterling per year April to April and for that you get 2 Newsletters a year and access to the telephone support line (this is free). Also, as and when we have them, long term loan of Acticare Devices.. If we know you are in hospital, and have the resources we will send you a bunch of flowers!

Telephone 0794 997 3430

NOTE FOR THOSE NOT in the UK please email for Paypal Account details.  In the Information Box please mark it CLEARLY Pancreatitis Supporters Network MEMBERSHIP.

It may not be immediately appreciated in what areas we assist those of you with Pancreatitis so to give you a clearer outline some of these are listed below: 

  • We work closely with the medical profession to ensure we give quality, easily understood infromation.
  • Access to a trained Counsellor to help to come to terms with the condition and its restrictions on one’s life including eating and drinking.
  • How to seek a second opinion with a qualified Pancreatitis Specialist.
  • PALS in hospital.
  • The Patients Charter.
  • Choose and Book.
  • Membership Services.
  • Advice in a range of practical matters, for example: Pensions, Benefits, Insurance (Life, Mortgage and Holiday), Housing, Employment, Appeals when turned down for benefit.
  • Website giving FREE access to Pancreatic Pen Pals, Discussion Board, Old Newsletters and other archieved material, Pancreatic Specialists, Email Support, Downloads on Acute, Chronic and Cancer of the Pancreas, Recipe Book and updates, Information Pack etc.
  • FREE long term loan of Acticare pain relief devices, when in stock.

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