Contact The PSN Team

Please give us as much information as possible about your enquiry all emails are read although unfortunately it is not always possible to reply to everyone. We thank you for your comments and feedback because the Pancreatitis Supporters’ Network relies on the support and input from its members and guests.
Keep Smiling Everybody The PSN Team.

You can also write to us at:

The Pancreatitis Supporters Network
Flat 15 Mayfield Court
Off Mayfield Road
B13 9HS

Telephone 07914 421541, 0794 997 3430.

HOWEVER, before you call please make sure tou have read the Informtion Pack and the booklet on your form of Pancreatitis available from the DOWNLOADS tab on the website as these will answer most questions and we do not want to repeat the same information to you!  Plus fighting cancer at the moment so ring only if emergency!  I know you all want to chat but not fit enough to cope with everyone at the moment as volume of calls TOO great to cope with, sorry!  Anyone elso on the Network able to take some calls for me?

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