PSN Website Downtime Madness

Hello Everyone

My name is Mick Oldfield ( BinaryG ) and I have been looking after and hosting the PSN website since July 2010 and although I have not had as much time as I would of liked to work on the site me and Jim are slowly making progress and have not had any real problems or downtime until now.

So why all of a sudden did PSN vanish of the face of the earth for almost a month?
The answer is we have been moving to a new server in the UK from one in the USA to try and provide the best service to everyone that visits the site. Normally with a move like this I would expect very little downtime and for the other sites I host that was true but there was a few things that slowed down the transfer of PSN. The biggest problem we had was the new hosting company’s support team took a very long time to identify the problem which was for some reason you can’t buy a domain name with them from one account and then buy hosting from them on another account and then connect the two to get a working site. The domain name and hosting have to be ether on the same account or the domain name has to be registered to another company and then pointed to the hosting for everything to work.  Now I’m sure you can forgive me for thinking that if I use the same company for everything it would make life easier but as you can see that is not true and it also took the hosting support team nearly a week to work this out and tell us after repeatedly implying that we did not know what we were doing and should read the instructions a bit more until we understand how things work and know what we are doing.

So we now know we needed to move the domain name to another company and we promptly did this and could see that we were nearly back online until we try to connect the two together and nothing happened. Once again we contact the support team and once again they say everything is working here you need to read these instructions because it can’t possibly be a fault with our system so we gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried everything  we could think of but still no joy. By this time we are getting on for around 2 weeks of downtime and me, Jim, Jack Nicholas and Giles Allen are all looking at the problem and all agree it is not a problem with our end and that we should contact the support team again. Once again they give use the same replies of you must be doing something wrong but we were not going to back down this time and finally they admitted that the fault was with their server setup and after this it still took a few days for them to link the domain name and hosting  and here we are.

The current status of things is as you can see the site is back online but we are still having problems with emails we are hoping to have everything running at full steam very soon. We are very sorry about everything that has happened and will do everything in our power to prevent any more down time.

I would just like to take a minute to thank Jim for his patience and understanding   about everything that has happened and thank Jack and Giles for taking time out of their busy schedule to help with the repair and diagnosis of the problems that have affected us.

Best Regards

The PSN Team

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