InterX Therapy for Painful Pancreatitis What is InterX therapy and the InterX device?

InterX Therapy for Painful Pancreatitis

What is InterX therapy and the InterX device?

InterXTM therapy is non-invasive Interactive Neuromodulation. It is a medical technology for treating pain, injuries and promoting natural healing approved for safety by CE.

The InterX is an ideal tool for treatment of pain at an any injury/inflammation and delivers safe, non- invasive therapy with no side effects. This device utilises pulsing electrical currents applied to the skin, it analyses skin feedback on the impedance and pinpoint the exact location of the injury in order that pain can be treated effectively and efficiently. It is very different from any other devices, the InterX is able to converse with the body using the neuro-like pulsed electrical signals interactively. Recent controlled studies demonstrated significant clinical effectiveness, not only in treating pain, but also in reducing healing time and reducing inflammation, increase in range of motion and reducing oedema (swelling).

The personal InterX device is available for purchase by the patients to continue to treat themselves at home. Interx Technologies made this device very simple to use, yet safe and robust, so it can be carried with you at any time, helping you get on with a normal pain free way of life.

Is it a TENS device?

The InterX produces pulsing electrical stimulation that is why it is classed as TENS-like neurostimulation device. The difference from standard TENS is that the waveform in each pulse constantly changes in response to the change in skin impedance, making the therapy interactive. Constantly changing waveform helps to prevent accommodation to the therapy. It engages the whole body to respond to ongoing stimulation.

Another difference is that the Interx finds the treatments areas by sticking to the skin at specific points connected to the inflamed area inside the body via nerve branches, this is used to scan and find exactly where to treat.

Who should not use it?

People who have no diagnosis for their pain and who have a cardiac pacemaker. People who have pain due to cancerous tumour, or suffering with circulatory diseases such as thrombophlebitis or embolism, epilepsy, pregnancy should be taking caution and seeking advice before starting treatment program with the InterX.

Could it make me feel worse?

Remember, the InterX is NOT blocking pain, but STIMULATING the area that hurts. The result from the neural stimulation will cause the central nervous system to become aware of the damage and take the actions to respond by releasing your own endorphins that will aim at pain relief, repair damage, in other words to restore homeostasis. Therefore, if you used too long and too strong stimulation, occasionally it can increase pain for a short period of time. in such situation, skip your treatment plan and rest for few days, the body will settle and pain will reduce. You can always contact your local trained InterX specialist for advice.

When I buy the InterX what do I get in the package?

The package contains:

  • InterX 1000 personal device
  • Operation manual;
  • User DVD
  • Sleeve
  • 2 batteries
  • additionally, you can buy the external electrodes:


  • Flexible 4 x4 array;
  • Dual Flexible 3 x3 array;
  • Comb (for hairy skin) attachment;
  • Classic small attachment;
  • Dome for large treatment area

  • For more information:Dr Zulia Frost at InterX Clinic
    105 – 107 Bath Road
    GL53 7LE
    01242 210 954

    www.healthhubuk.comInterX Protocols for ACUTE Pancreatitis
    InterX Protocols for CHRONIC Pancreatitis

    Personal Price list for UK Residents ONLY

  • NOTE from The PSN.  Obviously we cannot say this will work for you and we do not recommend one device over another but from a personal point of view this is the first device I have found helpful.
  • Cost is an issue for us all and we are hoping to start fundraising to buy these for loan.  I have arranged for another member to try this one device we have out and give us his feedback which I will publish for you all.  
  • I want to add my personal thanks for Dr Zulia Frost for liaising with me in getting the first protocols for Pancreatitis written (How to use it).  I was the guinea pig if you like and I really hope this is as successful as the other devices we have used in the past but which are now discontinued.