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Site Name Comments Whether you discovered that you
have Leiomyosarcoma, or LMS,
during a regular physical exam or
because you were experiencing the
most common symptoms, the next
step is to diagnosis the seriousness
of your particular case.  Before we
start to look at a diagnosis of LMS,
let’s consider the amazing range of
ways this disease manifests and how
it can be so different in one person
to the next. Stem cells in your baby’s umbilical
cord blood can replace damaged
cells inside the body. These new
cells repair wounds, restore lost brain
functions and increase healthy blood
count. Medical experts discover new
treatments every year, which means
stored cord blood will become more
valuable over time. Find out more
about cord blood, life-saving stem
cell treatments and what these
advances in regenerative therapy
mean for your family.
Stories of people with Pancreatitis Here you will find inspirational stories,
sad stories of loss and stories of
survival of people with this devastat=
ing condition.  DO PLEASE be aware
that some of these are VERY
DISTRESSING and not everyone
follows a similar pattern.  I hope that
setting up this page will allow us to
share in more detail our experiences
with Pancreatitis.  To submit your
story please send to –
Clini-check CliniCheck offers a new “lab testing
insurance” that provides members
with complete peace of mind for lab
testing (on year basis,12 months).
Call Peter Dobson   on
08456100670 or email for
brochure and details.
Care Homes Guide Care Homes Guide Ltd provides an in-
depth search facility for all types of
residential, nursing and retirement
GText Self help Information for medical
conditions in the UK
LCMA LMCA is the UK’s leading alliance of
voluntary health organisations work-
ing to improve the lives of people
with long-term conditions. We are a
registered charity, and have over 100
organisational members
Equip EQUIP Electronic Quality Information
for the Public is an NHS gateway to
quality health and social care informa-
tion for the West Midlands public.
EQUIP only links to websites that
have been checked for the quality of
their information. There are
links to information resources in
almost 100 languages. You can also
search the directory of over 4000
national and local
support groups and services which
are checked regularly.
Crohn’s Support Group I came across your website and
thought that you might want to
support our Crohn’s Disease
Support Group by linking to it:
MDJunction is a health community
focused on becoming a free center
for Online Support Groups.
Tummy Trouble We have created a public interest
website at
focused on stomach and abdominal
aches and pains; the causes,
symptoms and  relief.
UK & Ireland Directory of Counselling and Psychotherapy A directory listing counsellors and
psychotherapists in the UK.  Useful
resource for those seeking emotional
support or emotional healing.    We
follow the ethical code of the British
Association for Counselling.
Counselling Directory The purpose of the site is ultimately
to provide the UK with a huge
counselling support network,
enabling those in distress to find a
counsellor close to them and
appropriate for their needs.
The Patient’s Charter The Patient’s Charter with embed-
ded links to the UK NHS Website
for more information. This gives
YOU the patient a right to control
your condition and treatments.
Choose & Book Choose and Book with embedded
links to the UK NHS Website for
more information. Choose which
Specialist YOU want and at what
hospital you want treatment!
The Expert Patient The Expert Patients Programme is
a self-management course giving
people the confidence, skills and
knowledge to manage their
condition better and be more in
control of their lives.
Ultimate Travel Insurance and Disabilities Guide It offers essential information for
travellers with disabilities includ-
ing accessible travel destinations,
the different health conditions
normally covered by travel insur-
ance, and many other useful tips
and resources for travelling with a
Hypnotherapy Directory – UK The purpose of the site is
ultimately to provide the UK with
a huge hypnotherapy support
network, enabling those in distress
to find a hypnotherapist close to
them and appropriate for their
Drug Watch In the United States inflammatory
bowel disease (IBD) affects an
estimated 1.4 million. Patients
suffering from this disorder may
be the result of taking Accutane
Insulin Pump Information For those of us with Type 1
Diabetes it is worth reading about
this treatment.  To improve patient
access to insulin pump therapy.
Nice Guidelines for Patients, Carers and the Public This page allows the user to access
all of NICE guidance written for
patients, carers and the public from
one dedicated site.  There is a short
article about this new page
here –
. For over 20 years we’ve been helping
families like yours connect with the
leading mesothelioma lawyers in their
area. There are many law firms that
handle mesothelioma cases, and your
choices may seem overwhelming. We
clear through the confusion and help
you locate only the top mesothelioma
law firms. Cruse Sandwell has recently started a
legal signposting clinic. Anybody that
wishes to know where to go to receive
legal advice about benefits in connec-
tion with bereavement or wills should
come along to one of our clinics. They
are run every Monday 4.15-5.45pm at
Oldbury Library opposite Sainsburys. Mesothelioma Symptoms Website is an
extensive database of information
and resources for patients and their
families to better understand the
Symptoms of Mesothelioma and the
various aspects ofdiagnosis, prognosis,
treatment, as well as mesothelioma life

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Please    remember that just because an item or treatment appears on this page this does not mean that we endorse it or recommend the treatment.  Any medical decision needs to be discussed with your GP or Specialist.

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