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Jim Armour
Chairman of the Network and sufferer with Chronic Pancreatitis, Diabetes and Coeliacs.
Jenny Bills
Am happy to talk and try to be supportive of all other fellow sufferers.
Margaret Doll
I have mesenteric vascular insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis, gastrostomy since 1997.  Would like to talk to others and share.
Steve Whittet
Following acute attack of Pancreatitis in 1997 and many attacks subsequently developed chronic pancreatitis in 2002 and diabetes in 2003 as a result. Would be happy to offer support to other sufferers.
Norma Jorden
I have been suffering alone for eight months with this nasty disease and would love to ‘talk’ with others who are in this life changing mess. I am a 72 year old gal and need someone who understands the misery of this seemingly relentless disease. Thank you for caring and help.
Stephen Bevan
I have had the operation June 2005 for pancreatic cancer and would love to hear from others with it.
 Daniel Brydon  Hello I’m Daniel I have been suffering with acute pancreatitis since 2009 and have episodes frequently. I would love to talk to other people in the same situation. I was 19 when i got Pancreatitis, I’m now 24, I feel that I suffer alone and get really depressed with it, I have had my gall bladder removed but still suffer with the pain. When I got diagnosed with this horrible thing I also got diabetes.
Wayne Dove I am due to have gall bladder removed, seeking advice etc on alternative management.
Peter Nuttall My name is Peter NuttallI have been suffering with pancreatitis for 5 years now. I have recently found out I am now enzyme deficient and started on creon and am waiting for the results of a glucose tolerance test. I would like to talk to other people to try and understand the condition more ans possible treatments
Louis Redding
I have been suffering from Pancreatitis for nearly a year, but feel that I am close to beating this.  I would be happy to be added to the pen pals list if it helps others come to terms with this illness.  It has changed my life and I am currently trying to rebuild.
Traci Barker I would like to hear from relatives that live with a loved one with pancreatitis. Writing and talking to somebody that truley understands what the family goes through would be a God send for me. Nobody I talk to really understands. May be we could be there for each other too. Males or female for support and friendship.
Joey W. Pogue, Ph.D. I have just recently been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis although I have been suffering for close to eight years. Recently, I have noticed pain in my back behind and near my right shoulder blade that appears to radiate down my right arm. Can anyone relate to this condition? Thanks,  Joey
Keith S. Gordon
I had my pancreas removed 3 years ago I’ve been dealing with this for over 6 years it would be nice to talk with others going through and dealing with this too!
Arupratan Bagchi I wanted to be part of your penpals.  Please get me listed. Aged: 28 years
Suffering from Chronic Pancreatis
Joanne Laverly It would be nice to talk to someone that knows how the pain feels and to be able to offer support for others. I still don’t feel as though I have come to terms with this yet but i am really trying, thank you!
Charlotte Utley I am 30 years old & have suffered with Chronic Pancreatitis for 10 years. It has really affected my life & I would like to hear from other people who have got CP & how they deal with it.
Ravi Bhatt I am 23 years old & have suffered with Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis for 4 years. It has really affected my life & I would like to hear from other people who have suffered from this & how they deal with it. I would love to talk to such people and If anybody needs my help I am always there to help them out.
Cynthia A Kiser I had pancreatitis due to a pancreatic divisum.  I am from the United States in the Washington, DC area.  I am going to Georgetown University Hospital ? which has the best gastro department in our area.  They are treating the divisum by putting stents in the duct to try and repair it.  I am on #6.  Anyone else have this problem?
Alan Parratt I would like to know views on pain relief chronic pancratiis,diagnosed Jan 07,alcohol related, been prescribed tramadol but it does nothing for pain just keeps me awake have had two admissions since Jan 07 GP is not much help any advice would be great, thanks
Erin Kelley I have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis twice and they have not found a cause.  Unfortunately, I am under 30, so this is really affecting my life and future plans.  I greatly enjoyed reading the information presented on the website.



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  1. After years of pain, which has gotten progressively worse – following an acute attack 13 years ago. I have been offered surgery to remove 2 calcified cysts on pancreas. I would appreciate any educated or experience opinions on the subject as I am worried it could make things worse or not improve my situation at all.

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