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These are the Stories of those have not survived Pancreatitis or who are living with Pancreatitis on a day to day basis.  Contributions to or use our Feedback Form
If a relative or friend would like to write a piece about someone they have lost to this condition we will feature it on this page as a Eulogy for their life.  Their story may be the one that triggers that first visit to their GP and push to see a Specialist Pancreatic Consultant. If it does no more than this it will have served to save someone’s life. This is why we feel it very important to feature these on the website.

Please be aware that these are sometimes harrowing stories here.  Some will be from relatives or friends left behind after someone has died from pancreatitis, others their fight to live with pancreatitis. None of the stories here are necessarily the opinion of The Pancreatitis Supporters Network and we print these unedited so the content is entirely the authors responsibility.


Claire’s Story Sadly Claire is no longer with us but it is an inspirational story Written by Claire’s Mum and Dad.
Andrews Story Andrew’s Story is available to buy from the Chipmunk publishing site and we get a small donation from each one sold. It is cheap to buy as it is a .pdf book for you to read on your computer. You will be able to read an extract for free on this link. Living With Pancreatitis
By Brenda Prentice
Elaine Coldwell’s Story …..After some tests and scans she was diagnosed with Pancreatits, something we had never heard of before. She was asked if she drank alcohol, which she didnt.  We understood the other cause could be Gallstones, however, from the scans there didnt seem to be any evidence….. Sent in by Suzanne

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