Treatments for Pancreatitis

Treatment is aimed at replacing large amounts of body fluid by vein. The pancreas and digestive system in general should be “shut down” to minimize enzyme production through the use of a stomach tube and/or regular antacids to neutralize acid production. Because many people with pancreatitis suffer considerable pain, large doses of injected narcotic pain relievers. Some people find relief from other methods of pain reduction. may be necessary.

List of Enzyme Supplements taken by Pancreatitis Patients  Enzymes
List of Pain Relief Drugs taken by Pancreatitis Patients Pain Relief
Alternative Methods of Pain Relief  Alternative Pain Relief
and a similar list of Nausea Relief Drugs  Nausea Relief

The above are not an exhaustive list rather a guide to some of the common pain relief methods avaiable and it does need updating.  When I have done so I will remove this message.

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