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UK Insurance

Insurance for people with pancreatitis

Many people with pancreatitis find getting insurance cover is a real problem. We know of one insurance company (based in the UK), G.F.Baskeyfield & Company which is associated with the National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease and is prepared to help.

We are not directly associated with G.F.Baskeyfield & Company but are most happy to publicise them (and host their site) in recognition of the assistance they offer people with pancreatitis. You can follow this link to THEIR .pdf document here.  You need only mention membership to us to get a discount as well.  Baskeyfield

MIA (Medical Information Anywhere) have joined forces with Master Travel Insurance Consultants to produce an effective travel insurance for people with existing illnesses that wont break the bank. This Insurance will be available from 1st December 2006.


Some people find that they have difficulty getting travel insurance because of their Pancreatitis.  This information applies to most forms of disability and may be worth trying for a quote.

1) Your travel insurance will not cover you for any claim relating to your pancreatitis if you don’t tell the insurance company that you have, or have had pancreatitis when you buy the policy.
2) It can be easier to get travel insurance cover for some countries (e.g European) than for others (e.g. USA).
3) You may need a doctor’s letter confirming that you have had a diagnosis of pancreatitis but that you are fit to travel (some doctors may charge for this).
4) You may be asked for medical details and information about your treatment. If you are, the following reminders may help:
SURGERY:    what type?
CHEMOTHERAPY: do you know what drug combination was given to you? If you aren’t sure, check with your doctor.
RADIOTHERAPY: have you had, or are you having radiotherapy?
If you are travelling to a country within the European Union (EU) there are reciprocal health arrangements that you can benefit from if you need medical care while you are on holiday. You will need to fill out an E11 form (available at the Post Office) and take it with you on holiday.

COMPANIES willing to consider Travel Insurance:

Garrod House, Chaldon Road, Caterham, Surrey CR3 5YZ
Tel:      01883 834887  Medical Screening Line: 0800 387092
Will discuss cover with you if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition and are unsure about cover. No age restriction. No country restrictions. You will need to speak to medical screening line.

Tel: 01277 267 584
Rates are said to be reasonable

Tel: 0845 6008090
Will cover anyone provided you have had no treatment in last six months and have doctor’s permission to travel.

Academy Place, 1-9 Brook Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5NQ
Tel:      01277 267584
No age or country restrictions. Will cover people with a terminal prognosis as long as it is not less than six months. No medical screening line, the call centre processes the policy whilst the caller is on the line. In most cases a doctor’s certificate is not required.

1 Oak Court, Betts Way, London Road, Crawley, West Sussex RH1O 2GB
Tel: 01293 402222 Fax 01293 551 942
Cover for pre-existing conditions can be obtained providing your GP confirms your fitness to travel and there is no imminent risk of a recurrence.

P0 Box 4106, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5NY
Tel: 0800 435 642Keen to offer insurance to as many people as possible, however, fairly strict criteria are followed.

47-49 College Road, Bromley, Kent. BBR1 3PU
Tel 0800 281713     Fax 0800 214986
Offer travel insurance for children and adults over 50 with medical or physical disadvantages and their accompanying friends and family.

C H Facilities LTD
Tel 08707506711
Say they guarantee not to load premiums because of medical condition

Tel 020 87716431
Said to have reasonable rates.

Dominican House, St Johns Street, Chichester, West Sussex P019 1TV
Tel: 0800 083 2466 Website:
Refers travellers with pre-existing condition to Medi-Quote, a specialist medical screening service. An administration fee of 10 is charged, which is refundable if insurance cover is given.

Free Spirit, P J Hayman & Company Limited, Stansted House, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire PO9 6DX
General enquiries and requests for further information should be directed to:
Call Free Spirit on: 0845 230 5000
(Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 8.00am – 6.00pm)
Send your fax to: 023 9241 9049
Specially aimed at people with health problems including cancer. No age restrictions, but there are restrictions on secondary cancers which they will not cover outside Europe. Medical assessors are in-house, trained nurses. Only cover single trips


Phone: 0844 334 0160 provides travel insurance with cover for medical conditions for travellers of any age. We can also cover your travelling companions on the same policy.

29 London Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1DG
Telephone number is  02084646636.  Our new website address is
We no longer just deal with ?insurance for cancer patients with a policy called Travel Insurance for the medically disadvantaged?, But cover all aspects of medical conditions including pancreatitis with a panel of insurers.

J & M INSURANCE SERVICES (UK) (Travelbility insurance cover)
14-16 Guildford Street, London WCIN 1DX
Tel: 020 7446 7626  Medical Line 0870 7353600
Each case assessed on its individual merits. Have adopted new loading policy. Customer has to speak to medical line. Single trip or 6 month insurance World-wide.

Tel: 0239 241 90000
World-wide  Age limit 70. Ask for Travel Plus package or Solutions package.

2nd Floor, Imperial Building, Victoria Road, Honey, Surrey RH6 7PZ
Tel: 01293 774 535 Fax 01239 784 647
A national Charity providing information to disabled people about holidays in the UK.

Century House, 100 High Street, Cricklade, Wiltshire. 5N6 6AA
Tel: 01793 750150.
EU Member Countries only and people under 60. Customer’s GP or consultant will need to complete a questionnaire. They never confirm over phone. Seem to be reasonable rates.

Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield ENI 3SZ
Tel: 020 8366 2222
Customer will need to speak to a medical screening line. Each case judged on its own merits. Will not cover anyone having ongoing treatment or who has a terminal prognosis. No age or country restrictions. Will consider covering annual policies once treatment is completed.

Lumby Park, Selborne Road, Alton, Hants GU34 3HF
Tel: 0870 735 3600
You must be declared fit to travel by a doctor and have life expectancy of more than 4 months after return. Single trip insurance only, not annual policy. Said to be expensive. No upper age limit.

Foxbury House, Foxbury Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4DG
Tel: 020 8313 3353
Will consider adults up to the age of 60 world wide. Will cover cancer related illness, but no cover for people with heart conditions. Will cover up to 31 days on a single trip. No need to speak to a medical assessor. A medical questionnaire is sent to your consultant to complete and forwarded with policy application form. Answer normally given in 24-48 hours of receipt of forms. Have to include family/friends.

Roadway House, 112-134 The Broadway. London SW19 IRL
Tel: 020 8542 1122 Fax 020 8542 1110
No age restriction on single trips, but only up to age 80 on annual policies. No country restrictions. Will not cover terminal prognosis. No need to speak to speak to medical assessor. Ask about the Perrysurance contract.

Home & Overseas Insurance, Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyle Street, London W1V 2HQ
Tel: 08457 223344
Say they can provide travel insurance to anyone but certain conditions may apply. They may load the premium or the excess. No age limit World-wide.

Freephone: 0800 300 687
Holiday information 01473 291389
Provides cover for people with cancer world-wide.

Peregrine House, Falconry Court, Bakers Lane, Epping, Essex CM16 5DQ
Tel:Call Travelbility on: 0845 338 1638
Opening hours : Monday to Friday – 9.00am – 5.30pm

68 High Street, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5AQ
Tel: 0800 181 532 or 020 8295 1234
Travel insurance can normally be provided for cancer patients, if they are not currently undergoing or awaiting hospital treatment.

Tel: 0845 305 0505
Tesco Travel Insurance is underwritten for Tesco Personal Finance by Direct Line plc. They may be able offer travel insurance to people with medical conditions.  Telephone above number for more information between 9am-8pm Monday-Friday or 9am-5pm Saturday.

Tel: 01732 467049
Have advertised a year- long travel insurance policy that covers existing medical conditions.

Acumen Insurance Services – Telephone 0844 826 3960

Acumen Insurance Services have teamed up with, a specialist in this type of travel insurance, to provide you with competitively priced quotations. All types of pre-existing medical conditions can be covered up to a high level of severity including a terminal prognosis and there are no age limits on either single or annual multi trip policies.

If your supporters are declined travel insurance either due to age or pre-existing medical conditions, we’re confident we can ‘plug this gap’
by offering a credible solution which could be accessed online, or by telephone referrals. In doing so, any policies sold will carry a
commission to your charity.

We have created a user friendly web page where you can get an immediate quote for your clients and should they wish to take advantage of the scheme then they can purchase the policy on line. Documentation can be posted direct to the client. Should you/the client wish to talk to someone regarding their condition then they should telephone us on 0844 826 3960 in the first instance.

To ensure that policies are tracked correctly and commission allocated to your charity your supporters will need to use this unique code
CHA1948 that will be required each time they use the site.

If you have a complaint under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 or if you feel that you have cause for complaint or would like information from organisations that regulate and set standards for the insurance industry you could contact:INSURANCE OMBUDSMAN BUREAU: TEL 0845 6006666
The Ombudsman can investigate if it considers an act of discrimination has occurred. This is a FREE SERVICE. If this avenue is followed the right to go to Court is still available.  Details can change without prior knowledge. This information was correct at the date of printing

Inclusion in this fact sheet does not indicate that these companies are endorsed by The Pancreatitis Supporter Network and we would like to thank Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield for this information sheet for their cancer patients.

Of course, if anyone knows of other companies offering a similar service, please Let Us Know

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